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Client Profile

David Clout and Associates is a Queensland based accountancy firm with staff located in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. David Clout and Associates provide specialist business recovery and insolvency services.

Client Objective

Due to the nature of this business, staff often spend time on diverse business sites and require a fair element of mobility and flexibility with their IT systems. Consequently a key requirement for the firm is that the system should provide staff with the ability to easily collaborate no matter their location.

As a small business however, the firm wanted to avoid the burden of IT management tasks, annoying issues and high infrastructure costs. It was critical that any solution presented remained cost effective, completely managed and hassle free.

Precision IT’s Solution

Precision IT recognised that David Clout and Associates required a solution that included enterprise grade features, bundled with a high level of technical support, with the expectation that their systems would always be available.

Precision IT met all requirements with our cloud computing based, Secure Remote Office offering. A managed environment, with Remote Desktop access, Office 2007, Exchange Mail, SQL Databases and File and Print services has been provided, complete with unlimited technical support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Successful Outcome

David Clout and Associates now enjoy a very stable, feature rich and truly mobile IT Infrastructure for a fraction of the cost that is normally associated to such solutions. Precision IT’s SRO solution has allowed David Clout and Associates to focus on growing their core business, without the distraction of managing their IT. The monthly subscription model of this solution has also meant that David Clout and Associates have been in complete control of their IT budget, something that is crucial to small business.

Precision IT are looking forward to extending our successful partnership with David Clout and Associates into the future.

  • Date October 8, 2015
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