Eve Health

Eve Health

Service We Provide Eve Health

  • Precision Cloud
  • Precision Connect (Internet Services)
  • Precision Voice (VoIP – Hosted PABX)


Eve Health’s Profile

Eve Health is a Women’s Health practice specialising in gynaecological surgery and reproductive medicine. Eve Health is located in Brisbane and have approximately 20 staff. Eve Health has a number of highly respected and acclaimed practitioners on their staff and focus on providing the highest levels of patient care.

Precision IT’s Solution for Eve Health

Eve Health has been a long standing client with Precision IT and we have developed a level of trust with their management team, Doctors and staff. Eve Health taken on a range of Precision IT services including our Precision Cloud, Precision Connect and Precision Voice services.

Eve Health currently operates their Genie practice management and clinical software from the Precision Cloud which can be accessed by staff in their Brisbane practice or on the road using 3G/4G wireless internet access. This has greatly improved the accessibility of patient data to the doctors when they are operating in the hospital or working outside of the surgery.

Precision Voice has also been implemented at Eve Health as a Cloud hosted PABX telephone system. All of their telephones are connected back to the business grade Precision Voice telephone network via VoIP technology. There is no onsite telephone system equipment or lines in the surgery taking up valuable space and consuming electricity.

The Precision Connect

Eve Health are connected to the Precision Connect network using the new South Brisbane fibre service, very similar to the National Broadband Network. Eve Health use the Precision Connect service to connect reliably to the Precision Cloud and Precision Voice services.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The design of Eve Health’s IT system has taken into account the impact of the Brisbane Floods in 2010. During the floods Eve Health’s practice was almost inundated by water, it lapped at their front door. There was no access or power to their building for several days until the clean-up completed. During this time, Precision IT relocated Eve’s server equipment into our data-centre in Brisbane (which is well outside the flood zones) and configured remote access via the internet. This allowed Eve’s doctors and staff access to their patient records when their practice was completely unavailable. This sparked the immediate desire to move into the Precision Cloud and remove the future risk of a repeat event.

  • Date October 8, 2015
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