Holdsworth House Medical

Holdsworth House Medical

Services We Provide Holdsworth House Medical Practice

  • Managed IT Service
  • Precision Connect (Internet Services & Managed WAN)


Holdsworth House Medical Practice’s Profile

Holdsworth House Holdsworth House (HHMP) is a comprehensive GP medical centre with onsite dental centre, psychology services, allied health centre and medical research facilities. Holdsworth House are located in central Sydney and Byron Bay and have approximately 100 staff across both locations.

Precision IT’s Solution for Holdsworth House

Holdsworth House are one of Precision IT’s longest standing clients and we have developed a highly reliable and robust IT environment in-house. The system Precision IT designed, developed and implemented for HHMP is built on premium Hewlett Packard server, networking and desktop hardware, VMware virtualisation and Microsoft software.

The HHMP system operates in a highly virtualised environment with all servers running inside a VMware vSphere private cloud. Most staff also use desktop virtualisation through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services which runs HHMP’s clinical and practice management software, iSoft Practix.

The system has been designed to be highly reliable and resilient to failure causing practice disruption. As HHMP have a large number of doctors, staff and patients it is critical the HHMP system is 100% available during business hours which ensures access to patient notes and the highest levels of patient care.

Precision IT successfully manage, maintain and support the HHMP system on a daily basis through our Managed IT Service providing unlimited IT support, complete system management and full responsibility for system performance and uptime.

The Precision Connect

Holdsworth House are connected to the Precision Connect network for their internet services and private managed WAN into Byron Bay.

  • Date October 8, 2015
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