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Optimum Recruitment

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  • Managed IT Service
  • Precision Cloud
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Optimum Recruitment’s Profile

Optimum Recruitment offers full range of recruitment and consultancy services, from sourcing and assessment to training. Optimum Recruitment has offices in Brisbane and Perth with a number of staff always working on the road.

Precision IT’s Solution for Optimum Recruitment

When Optimum came on-board with Precision IT they were plagued with a range of IT issues and a lack of competent and interested IT support. We have been through a range of changes on the IT front for Optimum as their business grew. We put together a successful IT growth strategy to complement their business model and we have implemented new technologies such as Cloud Computing to allow for business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Optimum Recruitment’s IT operated in a hybrid onsite and Cloud configuration. The core of Optimum’s IT system, their Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and File Servers operation in our Precision Cloud environment. Additionally, there are local servers in each office for speedy access to files and Active Directory. Optimum use a recruitment database also operates from the Cloud.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The design of Optimum’s IT system has taken into account the impact of the Brisbane Floods in 2010. During the floods Optimum’s staff had no access to their office for over a week and with the power and telephone lines having constant outages were unable to access their in-house IT system. This prompted the need to look for a better solution. Now on Precision Cloud, Optimum’s staff are able to access all of their IT systems over the internet from anywhere which operate in our purpose built data-centre which is much less susceptible to natural disasters, fire or theft. This has been a very successful outcome for Optimum.

  • Date October 8, 2015
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