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Pymble Family Doctors’ Profile

Pymble Family Doctors is an independently operated GP practice located in Pymble, Sydney and has 3 Doctors, 2 Reception staff, a nurse and a practice manager.

Pymble Family Doctors is running Stat Health for their clinical and practice management software.

Precision IT’s Solution for Pymble Family Doctors

Precision IT setup Pymble Family Doctors when they first opened their practice in February 2012 on the Precision Cloud along with configuring everything IT related onsite. We put together a solution which would provide a very cost-effective and feature rich solution which wouldn’t consume much of the limited floor-space available in the new practice. Precision Cloud was the best solution for Pymble Family Doctors to meet all of their requirements because minimal thin clients could be implemented; only networking equipment and an internet connection was needed onsite (no server, UPS or backup equipment needed) and the Precision Cloud is 100% supported by the Precision IT team without additional cost.

The choice of Pymble Family Doctors to implement Stat Health as their clinical and practice management software on the Precision Cloud meant a seamless setup and ongoing operation of the practice. Precision IT has a solid partnership with Stat Health to deliver their software on the Precision Cloud platform.

  • Date October 8, 2015
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