Precision Cloud

Desktops, Servers & Apps accessed from anywhere, Securely backed by our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cloud Management

Cloud management monitors and ensures that cloud computing-based resources are interacting with users and other services online.

Managed IT Service

The end-to-end outsourced service for onsite IT systems! Ensure your up-time, performance and reliability of IT.

Precision Voice

Corporate Grade VoIP telephone system suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Precision Hosting

Hosting your services & equipment in fully managed, purpose-built facilities throughout Australia.

Precision Vault

Managed backup & disaster recovery to our data-centre. Cost-effective business continuity strategies.

Precision Procurement

Consulting & advice on the best products for your needs. Access to wholesale vendors and suppliers worldwide.

Projects & Consulting

Project & senior consulting team with experience delivering highly effective technical solutions.

Precision Connect

Dependable internet and WAN services available nationally. When reliable connectivity is a priority.

Cloud Services

Desktops, Servers & Apps accessed from anywhere, Securely backed by our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cloud Desktops

Have access to ALL of your business applications using any device on any internet connection. All of your business applications are available to you live. Suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes, running Windows based applications.

Cloud Servers

Virtual Server & Private Cloud hosting solution that is highly reliable, secure, scalable and very customisable. Suitable for businesses looking to reduce the risk and cost of their internal IT systems. Full Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud solutions are available.



  • Mark Smith – Director
    “It is said that wisdom is knowing what you don’t know! In 2014 people2people went to the market looking for to outsource IT. Being able to tap into knowledge and resources in the ever changing world of IT is critical for growth and success of a business in the 21st century. Wisely I took the decision to partner with Precision IT who have been a vital part in the recent growth of people2people. I would recommend anyone else looking for an outsourced IT solution to make sure you consider the Precision team. ”
  • Mario Kardum - CEO
    William Roberts Lawyers
    “In June of 2014, William Roberts Lawyers began the process of sourcing a suitable IT company to partner with, discuss strategy and finalise a solution for our IT & Telephony infrastructure. We sought an IT provider that could collaborate and share its knowledge with our business to ultimately deliver a whole business solution across our servers, workstations and telephony requirements whilst also advising us as to necessary upgrades to ensure an effective and efficient use of technology, equipment and software. We chose Precision IT to work with us over an extended period to ensure a much enhanced user experience via the successful implementation of a Citrix virtualisation platform that supports William Roberts operating in a more stable and speedy environment across multiple locations. The team at William Roberts have greatly appreciated the advice, service, and overall responsiveness of the team at Precision IT.”

Our partners

Precision IT has formed numerous strategic alliances with leading hardware, software and service vendors throughout the IT industry. Precision IT holds strategic alliances with the following organisations.
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

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